Why Do Babies Cry?


Babies may cry or become restless for many reasons. The important thing is to understand your baby and to cope with the way he cries. The answer to this question as follow:

1) He/she can be hungry: Some babies can eat a little more than they eat in the day before bed to sleep longer at night. Mothers sometimes do not understand the baby’s wish and why the baby does not sleep.
2) There may be gas pains: If your baby is usually crying at night with a suffering facial expression, it may be caused by gas. However, this gas is not from their eat, but because of the cold. Think about where you’re going when the baby cries. If you have been in an air-conditioned environment such as a shopping mall or a market, if your baby doesn’t wear socks or over-covered with a cover, you will usually have a gas problem at night. In order not to experience this problem, if you want to go to air-conditioned environments, you should dress socks your baby.However, if you ask what should be done after the gas problem occurs, you should dress socks to your baby. After by standing in this way or gently shaking, it will calm down in 20 minutes. If season is winter and the environment is cold, warm will be good for your baby. Apart from this, lay your baby on your back and move his legs back and forth. These movements also your baby to gas out and the baby is relaxed.
3) It may be necessary to change the diaper
4) He may be bored: You should play with your baby.
5) She has had her sleep: You know the time of your baby’s sleep. Prepare him for the sleeping routine.
6) Fever may be: You should check your baby’s fever. A baby with a high fever usually cries. In this case, you should take your baby to a doctor.