When should babies pass to the supplementary food?


Breast milk meets baby’s all need in the first 6 months. However, after 6 months, the energy needs of the baby increase and the mother’s milk becomes insufficient. to meet the nutrients needed by the baby and to increase the energy need to gradually switch to additional nutrients.Babies meet with different tastes and foods in this period. Supplementary food is given with breast milk in a 6-12 month period.

When you pass to supplementary feeding, the main meal is breast milk; intermediate meals should be additional foods.Every healty baby who has completed 6 months, should start supplementary feeding.

What is a 3-Day Standby Rule?

The 3-day waiting rule is very important for you to monitor your baby’s reaction to nutrients during the transition to additional foods. A 6-month-old baby should be started with a teaspoon and just a food. The same food should be given by increasing slightly more than the previous days for 3 days. This rule allows you to understand the allergic reactions that may occur when your baby tastes a new food. If your baby does not want to eat, you should try it again in a few days.

Additional Food Tips

  • If the development of a baby taking breast milk is normal, additional food should be started at the 6th month. More than 50% of the total energy in 6-month infants should be met from additional foods.
  • Nutrients such as eggs, peanuts, hazelnuts, soy and fish should not be started before the 12th month in babies with food allergy.
  • Children should not be given honey before 12 months to prevent botulismus poisoning.
  • Do not insist on giving food that your baby does not like, but instead try its similars.
  • Supplementary foods should be started small amounts and the amount should be adjusted according to the development of the baby. Nutrients should be started in small amounts and gradually increased.
  • In order to prevent the risk of allergies, as one meal should be started at a time.
  • If the baby frequently sleeps and cannot be fed sufficiently, it must be awakened. No additional salt and sugar should be added to food.
  • Foods should be given at body temperature. The water of the cooked food should not be poured, and if it is poured, it will lose vitamins and minerals.
  • You should cook the food with as little water as possible and give remaining water with the food cooked to your baby.