What Should Be Done to Teach Speech to Babies?


The first words of babies are always very important for parents. Will your baby say Dad, or mom! If you want your baby to talk more easily and quickly, you should do these:

1) You should talk to your baby: When you do something about your baby, you can tell him what you are doing. Use short and simple sentences when telling. Thus, gradually begins to establish the relationship between word-action. While talking, not like a baby, be sure to speak properly. Don’t press to your baby for speech, but be encouraging.

2) Give importance to your baby’s area of interests: Try to pay attention to your child’s interests. For example, if your baby is looking at a cat outside, you can tell your baby what he is, how he makes it sound and what he does at the moment.

3) It is important to repeat: You should tell your baby about the repeating actions every day. (as eating, sleeping, waking up.) Repeating the action will make it easier for the baby to keep on his mind the words.

4) Listen to your baby: For your baby learn to speak, say your sentences slowly. When he tries to answer, listen him carefully.

5) Teach words with game: Babies love to play games from early times. So, your baby can learn to talk with game easily.

6) Explain with the pictures: Explaining what you see in picture fairy tale or story books will attract your baby’s interest and make it easier to learn. Illustrated playing cards can also speed up your baby’s talking. Likewise, by looking at the photo album, you can express the people or objects you see.

7) Teach words similar to the sounds they could say: If your baby can say some syllab, it may be easier to teach them appropriate words. For example, if your baby can say ‘da’, you can teach to say him ‘daddy’.

8) Spending time with his peers: His friends’ conversation may encourage him to speak. You should send your child to kindergarten or go to park.

Our advices to teach babies to speak is useful. However, it is important to remember that some babies can talk later.