What Can You Do For Your Child’s İntelligence Development?


Parents want their child to be healthy as well as intelligent. Some steps taken from infancy help the child’s mental development.

1) Read a book to your child: You should Start reading book to your child from infancy. It is a known fact that reading has significant effects on language development. On the other hand, when your child starts to grow a little, you can read them together, allowing them to look at the pictures of the book. Thus, both imagination and learning ability are improved.
2) Let him learn by experience: 0-2 is the period in which human intelligence is most developed and most receptive. Be sure to engage in activities that support development during this period. Play groups are very useful for socializing and language development. When you let your child learn by living, you will see that he can accomplish many things.
3) Breast milk: Studies have shown that infants fed with breast milk have higher intelligence than infants fed with formula. Therefore, it is very important to feed the babies only with breast milk in the first 6 months and continue to breastfeed until the age of 2 years.
4) Pay attention to nutrition: Choline substance is a very important factor in child nutrition. Supports the development of the baby. Egg contains the most abundant of choline. Also legumes, milk and nuts contain in choline. On the other hand, for protect your child’s brain against memory loss, tuna, salmon, sardines, such as high omega 3 need to feed fish. Iron-containing foods are also very important for mental function. Chicken, red meat, spinach, legumes and dried fruits are rich in iron.
5) Sleeping order is important: Adequate sleep is beneficial for brain development as well as physical development in every childhood. Take care to occur the necessary environment to ensure your child’s quality sleep.