What Are the Benefits of Normal Delivery?


Nowadays, the mother candidates want cesarean delivery for a number of reasons. If cesarean delivery is necessary for the health of the baby and the mother, normal delivery cannot be performed. However, if there is no such requirement, it is the most useful method of delivery to prefer normal birth.

Normal birth has many benefits for maternal and infant health. The benefits of normal birth can be listed as follows:

  • The mother will not have to take an anesthetic and thus,she is protected from the risks caused by anesthesia.
  • Mothers who give normal births are less likely to suffer from bleeding, infections and similar risks after birth.
  • Fast skin contact occur between mother and baby. It is easier for the baby to connect to the mother and adapt.
  • When normal delivery is made, the duration of hospital stay is 1-2 days, while the duration of cesarean delivery can be as long as 2-3 days.
  • The mother who give a normal birth will be able to return to normal life by recovering more quickly. If the mother recovered quickly, it would be easier to adapt to her baby.
  • She may start sport shorter time.
  • Easier adaptation to breastfeeding. The mother can start breastfeeding in a short time. There is no difference in the amount of milk between the mother who gave birth to normal or caesarean section.
  • The baby’s immune system becomes stronger. During normal birth, the baby gets through the birth canal, the baby’s immune system strengthens.
  • The baby secrete endorphin hormone. With normal birth, babies secrete the endorphin hormone, also called the hormone of happiness. This hormone facilitates the harmony of the baby with the outside world.
  • The mother who give a normal delivery has a higher chance of doing her next births normally.
  • In mothers who give birth by cesarean section, stitching pain usually heal in longer time.