How to Treat Stuttering?


Stuttering is a disorder in the speech of the individual in terms of fluency and timing. Stuttering is not a disease but a speech disorder.

How Old Does It Start?

Stuttering usually occurs between the ages of 2-5, the first years of language development. However, on average, it is beginning to be noticed from the age of 5 years.
Stuttering causes problems at the beginning and the continuation of the speech. In other words, the individual cannot start talking or cannot continue.

What are the Symptoms of Stuttering in Children?

Talking voice and syllable repetitions, making exclamations, extending voices, dividing words, pauses, indirect speech, word repetitions are the symptoms of stuttering.
In more severe cases; Distressed breathing, abnormal sound extraction, head shaking, abnormal body movements accompanied by speech, shaking the body, shaking the neck or mouth, hitting the hands, avoiding social environment, the phone and the door.

What should be done to prevent stuttering?

In order for the child to recover in the preschool period spontaneously;
Parents should be calm. During the conversation, the child should not be pressured and his speech should be fully listened. It should be allowed to express itself.
If there is excessive discipline in the family about cleaning, toilet, general rules, they should be loosened. You should be avoid from mocking and coercion.
Technical game and behavioral methods increase the child’s speaking ability without stuttering. Speech therapy with older children will be useful. Breathing, extension, waiting, syllable adjustments are taught.

How to Treat Stuttering?

Stuttering can improve spontaneously in children up to 2 years of age. After 2 years of age, however, it must be treated with specialist support. It is known that the treatment of stuttering is difficult especially after 7 years of age.
Stuttering may cause depression in children whose treatment is delayed. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that early treatment is very important in removing this condition. In order to treat stuttering, the factor causing stuttering should be determined. Thus, a more accurate treatment can be applied.
Reading at home loudly, reading the poetry in school will be useful. A child psychiatrist will be helpful in diagnosing, planning appropriate treatment.
Proper breathing exercises, tongue and jaw exercises can be applied to treat stuttering.