How to make IVF method?


IVF treatment; The sperm and egg cells taken from the mother and father candidate are fertilized in the laboratory and transferred to the mother’s womb.
The IVF method is used in cases where the couple is unprotected for a year and has regular sexual intercourse, but not pregnancy.
If the age of the woman is 35 and above, wait for 6 months for the natural way of pregnancy and then consult a specialist physician.

How to apply the IVF method?
There are five stages of IVF. IVF centers complete these treatments by applying these five stages. We can sort the IVF method stages as follows:
1) Infertility Treatment
This stage is extremely important. The treatment method applied for infertility problem is the most important factor affecting the success in IVF. The treatment can be started on the second or third day of the menstrual period for mothers who are eligible for treatment.
2) Stimulation of the ovaries
The purpose during the stimulation of the ovaries is to obtain multiple eggs. Therefore, the woman should use some medicines. This phase, which should start on the third day of the period, lasts about 12 days.
3) Collection of eggs
Once the egg cells have been stimulated, a cracking needle is made, which allows the eggs to crack when they reach a certain size. The eggs are harvested 34-36 hours after the needle is made. This phase lasts about 15-20 minutes.
This stage is usually performed by local anesthesia. However, if the mother is very stressful, general anesthesia can be applied. Simultaneously with the collection of eggs, the husband gives the sperm sample.
4) Fertilization phase
The sperm and egg cells obtained in the collection stage are identified from the highest quality and prepared for fertilization. These cells are fertilized by classical or micro-injection method. Created embryos are prepared until the day of transfer. The embryo is selected with special methods.
5) Embryo transfer
The quality embryo, which is formed and selected during the fertilization phase, is transferred to the mother’s womb. The transfer phase is completed in about 10 minutes. The mother does not feel pain or pain. After transfer, the tube baby treatment is completed. After 2 weeks, pregnancy test is performed and the result of treatment is determined.