How to Apply Montessori?


Children’s health, development, nutrition as well as education is important. For this reason, many programs have been organized that provide education for children. These programs contribute to children’s development of intelligence from infancy and facilitate their learning. Montessori is one of the programs developed for this purpose.

A child who grows happily as a child carries this happiness to his youth and maturity. That’s why we need to make them happy when they’re training our kids.
In addition to academic education, this method deals with the entire development of the child. It aims to develop self-confidence, imagination, independence, desire to learn, reasoning and decision-making. In this way, the child welcomes the real life.

What is Montessori?

Montessori; He took his name from Maria Montessori, a pedagogue in Italy. It is an education system that can be applied at home. This system recognizes that each child’s learning speed, interest and ability is different. In this education system, the child is released and directed to the field of interest. He can make as many mistakes as he wants and repeat the errors according to the speed of learning.
Montessori education tries to make the child self-sufficient. For this reason, you can arrange the child’s room or the whole house according to this education system. For example, you can place the child’s food on the shelf where he’ll reach or place a stool in front of the toilet bowl.
In short, with montessori education, the child develops his / her personality by developing his / her abilities with the speed of his / her choice and learning. Personal development takes place with the child’s free choices.

How to Apply Montessori?

Montessori training is applied for children aged 0-6 years. You can also give your child this training at home. It is need to give details about Montessori education.
In this training, materials are placed regularly inside the house.
These materials are usually educational toys. However, abacuses, colored books or funnels that attract children’s attention may also be included in this training.
What is important is to correctly categorize the selected educational tools and place them at the reach of children. Put these tools out of the reach of children will be pointless for this training.
Materials such as books, games that develop intelligence, stationery tools can be placed in different places.