How Should Toilet Training in Children?


Toilet training is one of the most important successes in childhood. The most important behavior that will bring success to families during this period is to be a good observer and be patient!Children should be ready for this before they start toilet training.

Every child is different and every child is ready at different times for toilet training. This is not related to the personality, intelligence or motivation of children.

When children can control their body and intestines,you can start toilet training. Your child must have acquired these skill prior to toilet training.

The best season is summer for toilet training. You may spend the summer months with this training and say goodbye to the diapers. Here are the steps for the toilet training of children:

1. Pay attention to the signs that it is ready: The most important symptom indicating the correct time for toilet training is the child’s movements and self-expression. Some signals in children indicate that they are ready for toilet training. The important thing is to understand them.For example, If children stay dry for more than 3 hours a day, you can start toilet training.

2- Wait for the right time: It is the most appropriate interval between 2-4 years of age to be able to get toilet training. Although the development of each child is different, toilet training is not recommended before 18 months. If children get toilet habit before of time, they may face constipation or difficulty in urine retention. Also, in the future psychological problems such as lack of confidence or perfectionism can be seen.

3- Take an appropriate potty: If children start toilet training with a potty, they feel safe. The potty is safer than the toilet and they can easily balance. You should put the potty where the child spends most of the time. Accessibility is important during learning and discovery. First, you should let her/him sit with clothes. Then, take out the diaper to practice sitting exercises. You should not expect that he/she goes to toilet for the first week.

4- Take it to the toilet according to the child’s physiology: All people have a biorhythmia about going to the toilet. Therefore, parents who start toilet training should follow the frequency of going to the toilet and take them to the toilet according to this. Parents should be patient in this process. The child should be taken to the toilet at night according to the rhythm of the daytime. For example, every 3 hours should be taken to the toilet. This period will be increase in time. Children may be sit to the potty as they tend to poop 20-25 minutes after meals. The child will be able to sit on the potty for 5-10 minutes 3-4 times a day. During the waiting period, the child can linger with a favorite toy or book.

5- Always be positive: In some children toilet training completed in one week can extend up to 6 months in some children. Therefore, if the child refuses this situation within one week after the first attempts, you need a break. Toilet training should not be rigid and the child should never be forced. You shouldn’t talk about toilet training at home.

6- Teach the rules of cleaning: Cleaning is s habit that must be gained in toilet training. Boys and girls should be taught how to clean after completing their toilet. Particular attention should be given to hand washing habits. Families can determine the appropriate method here. For example, using colored soaps, may make this process more enjoyable.

7- Reward with praise: You can reward his or her success by praise or applause as well. This affect to your child positive.

8- Transition to underwear: If your child has been successful for a week, you can switch to underwear.

If you follow your child’s toilet training steps correctly, your chances of success will be high.