Embracing Make Babies Happy


According to a research, holding your baby in your lap are affected the genetics of long-term baby and they are becoming a happier person in the future.

  • According to studies, positive changes were also observed in DNA structures of babies who were often held on the lap.
  • Researchers conducted a survey of 100 infants for 4 years. From the 5th week, the diaries of the parents were followed. In these diaries, the physical activity of the babies per day and behaviors were taken as the basis.
  • When the infants were four years old, the data were collected and analyzed. DNA samples were compared. The physical appearance and the functions of the body were positively affected in children exposed to physical contact more.

Embracing Affects Infants Development

  • Babies need to feel regular physical contact and warmth every day.
  • According to a recent study, embracing babies in their early years have a significant impact on their DNA at later ages. It develops the brains of babies.Each hug gives a small dose of oxytocin to the baby’s body.
  • The frequency of hugging a baby is effective at at least five points in their DNA. Also, immunity and metabolism are included that.
  • It was determined that the development of infants who were less embraced in their first years of life was insufficient compared to peers.

The baby should be given to the mother as she was born

  • After birth, the bond between the baby and the mother directly affects the future life of the baby. A good mother-baby communication positively affects the child’s spiritual and mental development.
  • When the baby is go out of the womb, he is afraid. Immediately he is given to his mother’s lap. Thus, he feels calm.
  • The baby needs protection, love and care. To embrace with love, to feed, to entertain; it is important for the child to feel safe.
  • The working mothers’ babies are generally more insecure towards the outside world. This may vary depending on the person who is facing the baby.
  • The working mothers’ babies are generally more insecure towards the outside world. This may vary depending on the person who is facing the baby. If the babysitter care to baby; he/she can’t grow with love exactly.
  • If the grandmother or one of the family elders looking at the baby,this baby grow more loving.

Suggestions about Embracing

  • Embracing is important for the babies. Because the child is held in the lap, he connects with his mother and feels safe.
  • Between the ages of 1.5 and 2, the baby becomes fond of his mother. It is normal for the baby to want more hugs during this period.
  • The age of the child should be taken into account in terms of the duration of holding on the lap. It is normal for newborn babies to want more hugs.
  • To hold her in her bed for a long time without embracing, adversely affects the child’s spiritual development. This behavior prevents the establishment of a bond between mother and baby and causes the baby to perceive the world as a dangerous place.
  • Mothers should take her lap their baby, for the development of basic trust and should not avoid holding it on the lap for long periods. This is part of the development and is normal. As the baby grows and the sense of trust develops, it starts to move independently from the mother. This reduces the time spent on the lap.
  • In a healthy mother-child relationship, the mother is careful but does not exaggerate. Otherwise, This leads to a dependent relationship between the mother-child.Shortly, you should show a balanced attitude about embracing.