Early Pregnancy Symptoms


When your period is delayed by even one week, you may think, am I pregnant?

In fact, the biggest mistake women make in this regard is that they confuse menstrual symptoms with pregnancy symptoms.

It is very normal to mix the menstrual symptoms with pregnancy symptoms. Because the symptoms experienced during pregnancy and menstruation are almost the same.
In the days before menstrual delay, there are no signs or complaints about pregnancy. In other words, the most definite symptom of pregnancy is menstrual delay.
If women have a menstrual period is late a few days, they immediately go to a pharmacy and buy a test, but the best time for a pregnancy test is a few days after menstrual delay or 12 days after intercourse.

When Do The Early Pregnancy Symptoms Occur?

Symptoms normally seen in 4-5 weeks are halved during early pregnancy. By this time, the baby could be probably a month old.
In some women, early pregnancy symptoms may be seen as a bleeding, cramps and precision to smells.
Waking up in the morning with nausea, vomiting, weakness and desire to sleep continuously are also signs of early pregnancy.
The most common situation in early pregnancy is sensitivity to odors.
Frequent toileting is a precursor to early pregnancy. This situation continues for 9 months in some women.
Emotional changes are normal in a period when hormones are so variable, aren’t they? Because of the change in your hormones during pregnancy, you can start laughing while crying, you can cry while laughing or you can get very excited.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Menstrual delay
Pain in the groin
Fluctuations in mood
Breast growth
Loss of sexual desire
These symptoms are indicative of a possible pregnancy.