In Which Cases Are Performed Cesarean Delivery?


Cesarian delivery; It is an operation performed with a horizontal incision of 10 cm in the bikini area. It takes an average of 30 minutes. However, if there is no reason for caesarean, the birth should be done in the normal way.
If a problem occurs during pregnancy or delivery, the form of delivery may return to cesarean. The most common causes of cesarean delivery during delivery are:

  • Early separation of placenta,
  • If baby’s umbilical cord sagging or entangling to the neck
  • Tearing of the uterus during pain,
  • Delay of womb opening,
  • If the baby remains oxygen-free,
  • If the baby does not enter the birth path in the appropriate position, caesarean delivery is preferred
  • For baby, the risks that may occur in cesarean delivery are less than in normal birth.
In the following cases, cesarean delivery should be preferred:
  • If the plesenta closes the birth canal(Placenta prevra)
  • If the baby doesn’t progress to the birth canal,
  • Previous uterus operations,
  • If you Having had previous cesarean delivery or myoma operation etc.,
  • Head pelvis mismatch,
  • Incompatibilities between the baby’s head and the pelvis of the pregnant woman,
  • Active genital herpes,
  • Diabetes and severe heart disease,
  • Preeclampsia (Pregnancy poisoning),
  • Multiple pregnancy,
  • Blood incompatibility,
  • Delivery not completed in the 42th week,
  • Big baby (more than 4000 grams),
  • Cervical cancer,
  • The masses in front of the birth path,
  • Performing another operation with cesarean section,
  • If maternal age is advanced,
  • If getting pregnant after infertility treatment,
  • If mother’s straining are dangerous (asthma, etc.),
  • Active herpes infection in mother.

What should be considered after caesarean section?

  • A few hours after the cesarean delivery (approximately 6 hours) the mother is allowed to eat.
  • A few hours after the cesarean delivery, the mother is allowed to stand up.
  • The mother and baby are kept under observation in the hospital for 2 days after cesarean delivery.
  • The bandage is opened 2-3 days after the operation.
  • A standing bath can be taken 3-4 days after surgery.
  • One week after discharge, the patient should be checked.