5 Important Substances in Pregnancy


Attention to some issues during pregnancy is very important for both mother and baby health. We listed the most important topics for you in 5 items:

1) Nutrition and Beverages: Pregnant mothers should definitely avoid smoking and alcohol. These substances can cause irreversible consequences such as growth retardation and infant losses in the infant. Liver and so on. consuming offal is also not recommended. Yeşilçay, sage and parsley because of the diuretic effect, cause the loss of liquid in the mother. Shellfish, such as mussels, should not be consumed because their heavy metal content, such as mercury, is high. Coffee consumption is one of the most frequently asked issues. There is no harm in consumption of 1 cup of coffee per day. It is recommended to consume foods and beverages that reduce nausea during the first 3 months of pregnancy, when nausea is intense. The most important drink that reduces nausea is water. Pregnant women can drink water frequently.
2) Sleep: As a bed position, it is not recommended to lie on your back especially after the 20th week when the baby grows. Pregnants can lie on their left (preferably) or right side.
3) Exercise: Pregnant mothers can exercise, walk, pilates or swim during pregnancy. Walking recommended at least 3 times a week and 30 minutes. It is also possible to swim in the sea and in clean pools. However, in some risky situations, especially in cases with high risk of miscarriage such as placenta previa, exercise should be restricted.
4) Medicine Use: Medicine use during pregnancy should be under the supervision of a doctor. Even medicines that can be used easily before pregnancy should be used under the supervision of a doctor during pregnancy. Some minerals and elements should be taken as supplements during pregnancy. Because whatever we consume, we cannot get enough minerals. One of these is folic acid which should be taken in the first 3 months and vitamin D and iron which should be fortified in later stages of pregnancy.
5) Travel: Pregnant women can travel up to 34 weeks if the doctor deems appropriate. Air travel has no negative impact on pregnant women. It is necessary to move occasionally during the journey and walk at least once an hour.