1 Weeks Pregnant


Welcome to the 1st week of your pregnancy!
What happens in the first week of your pregnancy? How is the first week of pregnancy calculated? What supplements should we take from the beginning of pregnancy?

  • You have entered the most important and exciting period of your life. For now, it’s normal that you don’t feel pregnant. Because pregnancy has not yet occurred this week, your body begins to prepare itself for pregnancy.

What will happen in the first week?

  • At the beginning of the first week ovulation occurs. One of your eggs reaches the fallopian tube.
  • In the next 24 hours, one of the many sperms thrown by your partner tries to enter the egg in the fallopian tube.
  • If the sperm is Y chromosome your baby is male. If the sperm is X chromosome, your baby is girl. This week your baby looks like a small cell.
  • It cannot be said that your pregnancy started exactly during the first week and the next 3 weeks. However, the changes in your body and soul in the coming weeks begins to manifest itself in pregnancy.
  • Your pregnancy will be settled in your womb at the 4th week.

Week 1 Supplements

  • If your pregnancy is planned, you should have started folic acid supplementation 3 months in advance. This reinforcement is important because it prevents many problems that may occur in the baby from the very first moment. This supplement, which you will continue to use until the 3rd month of your pregnancy, is necessary for the development of your baby’s brain, spinal cord, circulatory and nervous system.
  • Folic acid also reduces your risk of miscarriage or premature birth.
  • If you have iron deficiency before your pregnancy, it should be treated. Otherwise, growth failure in the baby, fatigue in the mother, palpitations and anemia may occur.

You should leave this habits in pregnancy:
Smoking: If the pregnancy is planned, from the moment planned, it is necessary to stop smoking immediately as soon as he learns that he has become pregnant if it is not planned.
Alcohol: Alcohol should also be discontinued immediately when pregnant.
Medication: If the use of medication is very mandatory, a doctor should be consulted, and drugs that will cause less harm to pregnancy should be preferred.
Coffee, tea and chocolate: Foods containing caffeine during pregnancy also cause the baby’s developmental retardation. Consumption should be reduced or left completely.
Herbal teas: Herbal teas may be harmful in pregnancy, although some tea such as lime and fennel is known to be safe, consumption should be limited.